Everything You Need to Know About the Cedar Breaks Wildflower Festival

As summertime rolls around, the rocky, red-colored, slopes of Cedar Breaks, Utah, peak out from their winter blanket of snow to reveal stunning flowers and vegetation. To celebrate this change of the seasons, each year the town hosts the Cedar Breaks Wildflower Festival. This year, the event will take place from July 7th, 2018 through July 22th, 2018 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Visit Southern Utah to witness this unique display of natural beauty.

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What to Do at the Cedar Breaks Wildflower Festival

Guided Hikes Through Gorgeous Wildflowers

During the Cedar Breaks Wildflower Festival, the national park service will host guided tours through the meadows and forests of the Cedar Breaks National Monument, pointing out wildflowers along the way. Learn more about the unique flora that flourishes here each summer. Be sure to stop by the Visitors Center on your way in to get a Wildflower Checklist. As your guide walks you through the area, pointing out which flowers are in bloom, you can keep track of each species you identify.

Held for 16 days, the Cedar Breaks Wildflower Festival also incorporates a number of activities and other events every weekend. Attend special programs to learn more about the area’s landscape and the wildflowers themselves. The kids will love heading to Cedar Breaks to participate in the many games and crafts featured as part of the festival as well! For more details on events, check out the National Park Service website.


Photography Tips

The vibrant burst of color created by hundreds of blooming flowers is surely a sight that many will want to capture in photos. In order to get the most out of your camera’s abilities, we’ve compiled a few photography tips to follow while at the Cedar Breaks Wildflower Festival.

  • Try to capture flowers that are not in direct sunlight. Sometimes direct sun can be harsh and make the photo’s subject appear too bright. Instead, photograph flowers that are in the shade or softly lit by the sun.
  • Get very close. To truly capture the beauty and detail of these flowers get closer than you think is necessary to get the best picture possible.
  • Bring along a tripod. This device will help to steady the camera creating an overall better effect.


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