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3 of the Best Unexpected Benefits of Brian Head Tubing

Family Time Vacation Rentals | 11.29.18

Of course, we all know how much fun winter sports can be. However, you may not know that some activities, like Brian Head tubing, offer more than meets the eye. While still a winter sport and form of exercise, unlike other winter sports, snow tubing is also more fun than it is exhausting and is appropriate for most age groups. Read on to explore some of the ways that this and other types of seasonal fun can have a seat at the table during your next family trip to Southern Utah! Before you come, make sure you download a copy of our complimentary Southern Utah Vacation Guide.

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The Benefits of Brian Head Tubing

Physical Benefits

Just like skiing, snowboarding, and other popular winter sports, snow tubing has the benefit of pairing fun and exercise. Although you’ll rest going down the slopes, every time you climb back up, you’ll be working several muscle groups and increasing your endurance. Plus, being out in the cold can have some benefits because we burn calories when we shiver.

Education on the Slopes

For children of certain ages, snow tubing can be a fun way to learn certain scientific and mathematical concepts. There’s no teacher like expereince, and after a few rounds of trial nad error on the slopes, children will learn more about their weight distribtuion, slope, friction, velocity, and more! In this way, snow tubing at Brain Head is an interactive learning opportunity!

Family Bonding

Another great benefit of snow tubing is that it’s an activity the whole family can enjoy together! Tubing is fun regardless of age, skill, or level of coordination. Everyone loves flying down a hill on a big rubber donut, and the restrictions for entry are extremely low. From start to finsih, snow tubing is the family-friendly thrill of a lifetime! Grab the kids, cousins, aunts, uncle, and even grandparents for a great time on the slopes this winter! Even better, the memories you create will bring your family joy for years to come.

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