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3 of the Best Mountain Biking Trails in Cedar City, Utah

Family Time Vacation Rentals | 02.22.19

Southern Utah is rich with outdoor activities stemming from its bounty of landscapes and open plateaus. The mountain biking around Cedar City, Utah provides residents and guests with several incredible options for exploring the diverse scenery through miles of trails. If you want a complete list of biking trails, other outdoor activities, and other-worldly sights in Southern Utah, download your free copy of our Vacation Guide!

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The Top Mountain Biking Trail Systems in Cedar City, Utah

Check Cedar City’s website for a detailed list of trails and directions during your trip to Southern Utah! Each of the three trailheads has a different location around the outskirts of the city with various amenities like public restrooms and water fountains.

Iron Hills Trail System

Irons Hills Trail System provides riders with four unique trails, two of them offering shuttling options for short downhill runs. These point to point pathways range in difficulty from beginner to advanced. The lichen it trail is a smooth path that gently slopes upward, giving beginners a chance to experience the maze of junipers and rocky hills while the lava flow trail is an exciting mix of various surfaces like marble and sandstone that require a degree of technicality. This network of mountain biking trails in Cedar City, UT sits just a few minutes south of town.

Three Peaks Recreation Area Mountain Bike Trail System

The Three Peak Recreation Area Mountain Bike Trail System features a network of five trails ranging from easy to advanced. The trailhead is a 20-minute drive from the heart of Cedar City and about 40 minutes from Brian Head, so you can easily make a day trip out of this biking excursion. The practice loop is a good starting point if you want to warm up before taking on the challenging and lengthy 6-mile three peaks loop. Overall, this 19-mile mountain biking system near Cedar City, Utah.

Thunderbird Canyons Trail System

The Thunderbird Canyons Trail System contains seven trails that total over seven miles. The trailhead begins about a mile northeast of the Cedar City. A combination of canyon paths and out and back trails make for easy uphill biking before taking a moderate ride back down through the sloping dusty canyon. The lightning switch trail is perfect for those wanting to go for a high-speed spin.

Other Trails Near Cedar City

Both Blowhard Mountain Trail and Virgin River Rim Trail have access points on along Highway 14 on your way to and from Cedar City. If you want more details and information on some of the best mountain biking trails in the area, check out our blogs on Bunker Creek Trail and the Brian Head Mountain Bike Shuttle.

Blowhard Mountain Trail

Take the Brian Head Mountain Bike Shuttle to this trail located just south of Cedar Breaks National Monument. Blowhard Mountain Trail is an advanced and technical downhill course that drops over 3,300 vertical feet for over seven miles. Plenty of challenges obstacles and steep portions of the trail await you, so only experienced riders should consider tackling this.

Virgin River Rim Trail

This 32.5-mile mountain biking path outside of Cedar City, UT takes you on a breathtaking ride through fir and pine forests, past pink rock cliffs, and a variety of fantastic lookout points. Most riders only ride a small piece of the trail due to its length and difficulty. It’s one of the best mountain biking experiences in the area, so it’s worth a visit during your trip.  several different Family Time Vacation Rentals property interiors

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