5 Reasons that Brian Head Is The Ultimate Mancation Destination

Janine Brandt | 09.18.19

Ah, a mancation. An extended stay away from the ladies where you and your boys can engage in manly pursuits, enjoy some male camaraderie, and leave the dishes in the sink for as long as you like. It’s a great way to rekindle old friendships, maintain current ones, or just take a break from your normal candle-infused life. But the key to the ultimate mancation is the perfect location. You’ll need something with easy access to thrilling daytime activities (no shopping, please); a rugged, manly environment; and enough privacy to accommodate even the loudest snoring. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! You can find all of that and more in one place – Brian Head, Utah.

Brian Head is a rugged mountain town in Southern Utah that offers visitors easy access to the region’s best outdoor activities. From skiing to fishing to mountain biking, there are thrills and adventures to entice even the most experienced outdoorsman – and they’re right outside of your doorstep. Plus, your accommodations can include secluded cabins in the Utah wilderness where your group can immerse itself in the privacy of an isolated abode. In short, it is the ultimate destination for your outdoor mancation.

If you need more help planning, we’ll break it down for you by telling you everything this city has to offer that makes it a prime boys’ vacation hideaway.  Here are the top five reasons Brian Head is the ultimate mancation destination.

*For even more great things to do in Brian Head, download our FREE Southern Utah Vacation Guide. It has everything you need to plan your perfect mancation stay in one convenient guide!

Easy Access To Mountain Fun

Brian Head is known as a mecca for outdoor activities. That’s because right outside of your doorstep sits the Brian Head Resort, the city’s namesake outdoor attraction. During the winter, it is known as a prime skiing and winter sports resort due to its proximity to the Navajo and Giant Steps mountains. Enjoy fresh powder (we’re talking over 400” of snow per year), low crowds, and a range of runs on their immaculate slopes. They also offer the area’s lowest rates for a full-service ski resort!

In the summer, the resort features such thrills as mountain biking, ATV rentals, wall climbing, and more. Risk a gnarly friction burn as you race your buddies avalanche tubing, or compete against each other in a game of disc golf. And at the end of the day, it’s a short walk back to your cabin or condo.

We offer a variety of private condo rentals that are located right at the base of the Brian Head Ski Resort. Our Giant Steps condo facility offers mountain biking, skiing, and snowmobiling right from the property, and you’re less than a mile from the tubing park. With a room like Giant Slopes #34, you and six other guests can enjoy a spacious suite that includes a game room and a hot tub!

Endless Hiking

What goes together better than a mancation and cold, craft beer? A rugged mountain wilderness and a thrilling hiking trail, of course! If your group is down to scale the highest cliffs, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for prime hiking treks all around Brian Head. There are several in the immediate area, but you can also venture out into one of the nearby national or state parks to see some of the state’s best natural wonders. Navigate the treacherous Angel’s Landing trail at Zion National Park (a strenuous one-road climb with only a bolted metal chain for assistance), or scale to the top of the Grand Staircase at Bryce Canyon National Park to see the world’s greatest cumulation of natural hoodoos. Whether you’re looking for a trail that’s beginner or brag-worthy, you’re sure to find it within a short distance of Brian Head.

If your mancation is park-ready, be sure to check out our rentals near the area’s best national parks. They’re all a short distance from Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon, and they offer all of the best features for your ultimate mancation.

Fine Fishing

Fishing is one of the top mancation activities in Brian Head. Sitting on the shore, beverage in hand, watching your bobber dip in the water – fishing has been a male bonding ritual since the beginning of time. Brian Head’s close proximity to Panguitch Lake provides a great opportunity for some of the region’s best fishing year ‘round. During the summer months, the lake boasts the area’s biggest and tastiest trout; during the winter, ice fishing is a great new way to bond with your bros over a cold one. Fly, boat, ice, and shore fishing are all popular ways to snag the day’s catch on Panguitch Lake.

If your buddies are the fishing kind, snag a cabin right on Panguitch Lake. The Panguitch Lakehome is a 3,000-square-foot cabin that comfortably houses up to 13 guests with four bedrooms and three baths. Plan your day’s catch as you gaze over the lake from your deck or challenge the guys to a game of pool or ping pong. It’s the perfect spot for a water-based Utah mancation.

Hunting Opportunities

Hunting has been a staple of the traditional mancation since the first caveman took his rockmate to kill a buffalo with a club. Luckily, the process has gotten much easier since then. But in Southern Utah, bigger is better. You and your boys can test your he-man status by doing some big game hunting during the spring and summer months, where you’ll track game such as elk, moose, cougars, and even bears across the Utah wilderness. Talk about bringing home the bacon! Due to its wilderness setting, Brian Head is the perfect home base from which to track the local wildlife. Just be sure you obtain the necessary permits and take a guide if you’re unfamiliar with the area.

Wilderness Accommodations

Let’s face it – an outdoor mancation isn’t the place for a glitzy hotel. For the ultimate mancation, you need lodgings where you can laugh loudly at bad jokes, scope out the nearby terrain from your window, and sleep comfortably after a long day (or night). Many men turn to camping – but why should you compromise your comfort? In Brian Head, you don’t have to. Our private cabin rentals offer the best of both worlds! We have cabins right outside of the city that do it all – offer privacy, feel isolated, are a stone’s throw away from all the best attractions, and offer great amenities. Most of our cabins are spacious, include scenic mountain views, and sit far enough away from neighbors to offer all the privacy that you need.

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