Plan The Ultimate Thanksgiving in Panguitch, Utah

Janine Brandt | 10.14.19

Thanksgiving is deeply rooted in our history – specifically, our Native American history. That’s why there’s no better place to plan a Thanksgiving holiday than Panguitch, Utah. A Native American word meaning “Big Fish,” Panguitch is a charming historical city that’s also deeply mired in Native American history. Since its founding, Panguitch has represented everything that we celebrate during Thanksgiving – an appreciation for our history, a respect for local cultures, and a communal heart. Plus, it’s located right in the middle of a wilderness oasis that provides lots of opportunities for outdoor fun – and to burn off that Thanksgiving turkey. If you’re thinking about taking a Thanksgiving vacation, there is nowhere more appropriate to go than Panguitch. Here’s everything you need to know to plan the ultimate Thanksgiving in Panguitch, Utah!

Where To Stay?

Panguitch is a small, historic town, full of old-world architecture and quiet, pretty streets. Because of its off-the-beaten-path status, you may think that accommodations in the city are limited – but that’s not the case! We have many rentals in and around Panguitch that will make your trip cozy and comfortable. Whether you’re looking for a spacious city home that’s within walking distance of downtown or a cozy cabin surrounded by stunning splendor, we’ve got the perfect place for you to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with your Panguitch friends.

What To Bring?

In late fall, Panguitch is beginning to make the descent into winter weather. Mornings have icy temperatures in the teens, but clear afternoons can see highs in the upper 50’s! That means that your wardrobe will need to reflect the swinging temperatures if you plan to do outdoor exploring. Dressing in layers is always a good idea – heavier outer coats can be discarded in favor of lighter, comfortable clothing as the temperatures rise. The atmosphere in Panguitch is casual, so you won’t need anything fancy.


Of course, be sure to bring some comfortable walking shoes (trust us, you’ll need them). Plus, bring all of the other necessities you’ll need for a vacation: camera, sunscreen, hat, etc. And, don’t forget your phone charger so you’ve got enough juice to take souvenir photos!

What To Do?

Now that the necessities are taken care of, it’s time for the fun! There are so many things to do in the area during the late fall season. You can soak in the stunning fall foliage in one of the many national parks nearby, or enjoy one of the area’s most popular outdoor attractions such as skiing, fishing or hunting.

Learn About The History of Panguitch

Get into the spirit of Thanksgiving by taking a walking tour of the city. A true historic settlement, each street is full of buildings and monuments that pay homage to the history of the town. You’ll take a step back in time as you learn all about the Mormon settlers who founded Panguitch, and how their Native American neighbors helped turn them into the city they are today. It’s the best way to celebrate where you’re at – by learning where you’ve been.

Soak In The Fall Foliage

Southern Utah is a postcard-perfect portrait of fall splendor. Surrounded by thousands of miles of nature’s most stunning scenery, you won’t have to go far to find a selfie-worthy backdrop of reds, golds and purples. Scenic Highway 143 runs right through the city and is one of the country’s most popular scenic drives; take an afternoon road trip to see a variety of stunning fall landscapes. Or, take a visit to nearby Bryce Canyon National Park to see some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the state in full, fall glory. Hike the trails, observe the wildlife, or feel like a real settler as you meander the area on horseback.

Do Some Thanksgiving Hunting

All of that untamed wilderness plays host to many different species of wildlife – which is why hunting is such a popular activity in the area. You’ll get back to your settler’s roots as you move quietly across the land in search of such bounty as turkey, quail, and cougar. There are a few hunting preserves in the area where you can hunt solo, or check out one of the many guided tours offered by hunting experts nearby.

Catch A Big One On Panguitch Lake

Is there a better way to spend a quiet fall afternoon than with a line in the water? We don’t think so, either. Panguitch Lake is home to some of the best trout fishing in the state and is a popular fishing spot for locals and visitors alike. You’ll find boat rentals, fishing gear and plenty of old salts to offer advice in the area. If you want to be even closer to the action, book one of our great rentals right on the lake! Our scenic lake cabin holds large families, is pet-friendly, and offers stunning views of the lake for your morning coffee.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Of course, no Thanksgiving trip is complete without a delicious and authentic Thanksgiving feast. Panguitch has a history rich in Native American culture, so they celebrate Thanksgiving more authentically than anyone! Each year, the city comes together on Thanksgiving Day for a communal feast to celebrate their history and their future. Enjoy a variety of traditional Thanksgiving dishes such as turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce and more as you chat up the locals and learn about the town’s history.

Ready to book your Thanksgiving getaway? Let Family Time Vacations Rentals find you the perfect Panguitch home!

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