A Note About COVID19

Janine Brandt | 03.13.20

We want to ensure our guests are safe while staying at one of our private vacation rentals. Below is a list of precautions we have always had in place to ensure our employees, guests and homeowners’ safety.

  • All linens/towels are commercially laundered with commercial-grade detergents at the recommended temperatures
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing products used for all surfaces
  • Employees to stay home if they are sick and not feeling well
  • Recently all light switches, door, toilet and sink handles are receiving extra time attention and will continue to

As our name suggests spending Family Time together is really important to us. When we started our business in 2008 it was a crazy economic time, much like today. We found amongst all the craziness, we really needed some downtime and to get away to enjoy our family. We found the mountains to be the best place for us because it got us out of the city and away from what we called the “white noise” of life. Out of necessity, we started renting out our little cabin to make ends meet. We found other families were longing for the same break and needed to get away together somewhere quiet.

A lot has happened since those days in 2008. The business has grown way beyond what we imagined. Now with properties covering the mountain areas of the west coast and 20+ employees spread out over three states, it is paramount that we do our part to keep this virus from spreading.

This has caught many of us off guard, we hope you can get away somewhere and take a drive with the family to enjoy the fresh air. Maybe come up to the mountains and stay with us. Either way, take some time and enjoy what is most important…Family Time.

With no domestic travel restrictions at this time, plan that vacation and enjoy some time in your happy place, putting into practice these CDC-recommended tips for better health and wellness.

Again, this is an evolving situation. As you travel, take additional daily medications and over-the-counter meds you might need in case of a travel delay, and rely on CDC updates to stay well and safe. Maybe it’s time for a relaxing getaway from all of the hustle and bustle! We hope to
see you soon!

All the Best,

Matthew & Angela Tesdall
Founders/Owners of Family Time Vacation Rentals

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