The Perfect Vacation to Bryce National Park

Janine Brandt | 08.11.20

Bryce Canyon National Park boasts miles of untouched wilderness scenery waiting to be explored. For outdoor enthusiasts, its soaring red rockfaces, colorful hoodoos, and unique geological wonders provide an unmatched opportunity for perfect outdoor fun.


The park is close to perfection in its natural state, but planning the perfect vacation to Bryce Canyon National Park takes a bit more work. Luckily, we’re here to do the heavy lifting for you! Explore this helpful guide to learn everything you need to know about planning the perfect vacation Bryce Canyon National Park!


Where to Stay

For the ultimate Bryce Canyon experience, you’ll want to book a rental close to the park so you can explore and relax with ease. Luckily, the park’s central location is near some of southern Utah’s other great attractions, so you can spend an afternoon or extra day exploring other popular areas (after you’ve seen all Bryce Canyon has to offer, of course!)


Bryce Vistas, a newly remodeled home near the banks of the Sevier River, is just minutes from the park and offers sweeping views of the Paunsaguant Cliffs from its spacious back deck. Between trips to Bryce Canyon, you’ll have easy access to some prime local spots for fishing, ATV riding, and hiking!


If you’re bringing a larger group, Under The Rim is a spacious 4-bedroom getaway nestled right under the rim of the park. A short 15-minute drive or scenic 3-mile hike will take you right into Bryce Canyon, and you can enjoy stunning views of some of the park’s most iconic rock formations from your large outdoor deck!


When to Visit

Many will tell you that the best time to visit Bryce Canyon National Park is from May to September. The summer season brings warm weather and sunny skies, making hiking a breeze and giving easy access to just about everything in the park. There’s also a roster full of daily ranger programs during the summer, including the can’t-miss Astronomy Festival that happens each June.


That being said, each season brings its own unique charm to Bryce Canyon! During the fall, cooler temperatures and fewer crowds mean you can explore the canyon’s stunning autumn colors in quiet comfort without the noise and sweat. Winter coats the canyon in crisp, fresh snow, closing many access points but opening up a new list of fun winter activities to enjoy.


Because of its high elevation of 9,000 feet, Bryce Canyon National Park is considerably cooler than even its nearby neighbors. No matter when you visit, remember to pack warm and comfortable clothing that can be layered and an appropriate pair of shoes. And don’t forget your camera!


What to Do

Bryce Canyon National Park offers countless ways to explore its nearly 36,000 acres of scenic wilderness. If you’re just visiting for the day you’ll want to hit the highpoints, but a true Bryce Canyon experience should be spread over a series of days and adventures.


Stop at the Visitor Center. Your first stop on any Bryce Canyon vacation should be the Visitor Center. Grab a map, get helpful tips and insights from the on-site park rangers, and explore the center’s fascinating museum exhibits. Don’t forget to watch the 20-minute introductory video and grab a souvenir for your memory book!


Hit the Trails. By far the most popular way to explore Bryce Canyon’s majestic scenery is on foot. There are several hiking trails throughout the park that explore its varied landscapes, from towering pine forests to craggy cliffs to the iconic amphitheater with its colorful hoodoos and unique rock formations. Many of them interconnect, offering the chance to veer off course and experience each trail’s unique charm in a long but rewarding hike.


Though there are over a dozen trails to choose from, the park’s top 3 hikes should be first on your list if you’re pressed for time. They’ll show you all the highlights of Bryce Canyon, from the iconic Wall Street to the sweeping views at Sunset Pointe and the best things in-between.


Attend a Ranger Program. Bryce Canyon’s unique ranger programs give you an expert perspective on some of the best scenes and science within the park. Depending on when you visit, a park ranger will treat you to an in-depth look at a variety of areas and topics, from interesting geology lessons to guided rim walks to evening stargazing. The programs change seasonally and are weather-dependent. The best part? Ranger programs are completely free!


Go off-roading on an ATV or Jeep Tour. Some of the most breathtaking scenes lie just outside of the park’s designated trails, accessible only by a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Explore the farthest corners of the park as you take a thrilling ride over rocky terrain, rugged mountain trails, and soaring red sand dunes. With your trusty guide at the helm, you’ll embark on a journey to some of the best remote places in Bryce Canyon and the surrounding areas. Zion ATV Tours, ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours, and Zion Jeep Guides are popular providers of ATV and Jeep Tours in the area.


Take a guided trail ride. Explore the beauty of Bryce Canyon the way its ancient visitors did – on horseback! From April to October, Canyon Trail Rides offers exciting 2- or 3-hour horseback tours of Bryce Canyon, traveling deep to the canyon floor and back up to Sunset Point for a full view of its iconic scenes. As you ride, local cowboys will fill you in on the history and geology of the canyon.


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