6 Reasons it’s Best to Book Early for Summer Fun

Janine Brandt | 04.02.21

The early bird gets the worm – and a great summer vacation. Booking early is a smart choice for stress-free summer fun, especially if you’re traveling to a popular destination like Brian Head. By booking your trip earlier in the year, you’ll enjoy great advantages like lower rates, easier reservations, and plenty of prep time. Things that are far more exciting than a morning worm.

So go ahead and start researching your rentals – right after you check out these six reasons it’s best to book early for summer fun.

You’ll have more choices in rentals

Are you looking for a vacation rental in a specific area or one that can comfortably sleep your extended family? Large rentals fill up fast, especially during the peak summer season. When it comes to rentals, booking early could mean the difference between it’s wonderful and it’ll work.

You’ll have plenty of time to plan

Booking early gives you more time to plan your trip. Once you’ve picked your rental, you can begin searching the attractions and amenities nearby to create the perfect summer itinerary for your group. This will also give you plenty of time to browse the area’s best summer activities to find something fun for every member of your family.

You won’t miss out on popular attractions

Rentals aren’t the only things that fill up fast in a popular area like Brian Head. Attractions that require reservations can book up months in advance, causing you to miss out on some great area experiences. If you book early, you’ll have your choice of reservations for things like guided tours, spa experiences, VIP park access, or area events. With available spots limited due to Covid-19 this year, it’s even more important to snag your spot early.

You’ll build excitement

Booking your summer vacation early gives you something to look forward to. Instead of scrambling to secure your spot last minute, you’ll have months (or more) to anticipate your summer adventure. This buildup of excitement will only heighten your experience and help pass the time between now and destination day!

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