Why Duck Creek Village is the Perfect Homebase for Park Hopping

Janine Brandt | 05.28.21

If you enjoy exploring the great outdoors, a visit to our country’s iconic national parks is sure to be high on your bucket list. These national treasures are the ultimate travel destination, each one offering a unique blend of amazing scenery and outdoor adventure. That’s why park hopping is so popular – you could visit them all and never see the same scene twice!


To plan a perfect tour of the parks, you’ll need to choose the right area. Southern Utah is a prime spot for park hopping, offering easy access to three major parks and a host of national monuments. If you stay in Duck Creek Village, you’ll be reasonably close to them all – and a vast array of other outdoor adventures. 


Here’s why Duck Creek Village is the perfect home base for park hopping:


A prime location near the parks

If you’re looking for a great location, it’s hard to get better than this central resort community. Duck Creek Village is within an hour drive of the area’s most popular parks and monuments, including Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Cedar Breaks, and the Grand Staircase at Escalante. If you’re down for a day-trip, you can make a morning drive to the Grand Canyon or Capitol Reef and return to Duck Creek Village before dusk. The village itself is nestled on the edge of the Dixie National Forest, allowing guests to spend their pre- and post- park hours exploring all two million acres of the largest national forest in Utah.


Amazing Local Attractions

The nearby national parks aren’t the only natural gems that Duck Creek Village has to offer. The local area has some amazing natural attractions that are less structured than the parks, but no less stunning – and often free of the peak season crowds. 


Mammoth Cave is a centuries-old lava tube that offers a unique spot for subterranean spelunking just east of the village. High on Cedar Mountain, Navajo Lake is full of trophy-size trout and feeds into Cascade Falls, a scenic waterfall that erupts from a soaring sandstone cliff. You can even take a trip through time by visiting the ancient Anasazi ruins that stand deep in the thick forest trees. 


Endless Outdoor Adventure

If you prefer to blaze a new trail, the area around Duck Creek Village has an amazing array of outdoor adventures for every season. During warmer months, the surrounding scenery is full of trails and terrain perfect for hiking, mountain biking, ATV riding, fishing, horseback riding, and more. During the winter, the same wilderness offers endless opportunities for ice fishing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling, or you can visit the nearby Brian Head Ski Resort for some of the best winter sports and slopes in the area. 


Cozy Cabin Rentals


When you aren’t paving a path through the parks, our Duck Creek Village cabin rentals provide the perfect blend of comfort and convenience. A large but luxurious rental like our Mocassin Lodge provides a modern space surrounded by stunning mountain scenery for larger groups. If you’re taking a more intimate trip, a cozy cabin like our Strawberry Patch keeps you away from the crowds but surrounded by rustic charm. 

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