From Toddler to Teen, Tips to Keeping Everyone Entertained in Southern Utah

Janine Brandt | 07.29.21

A fantastic family trip takes a bit of preparation, especially if there are children involved. If your kids range in age from toddler to teen, it can be even harder to make everyone happy. They likely have different interests, attention spans, skills, and even sleeping and eating schedules, making it a challenge to tailor your time to every traveler. 

Luckily, Southern Utah has a variety of amazing attractions and activities that are fun for every member of your family. If you’re traveling with kids of different ages, here are some tips to keep everyone entertained.

Reserve the Right Rental

Traveling with toddlers means more time in your rental, but it doesn’t have to mean more whining from your teen. If you want a stress-free stay, a bit of research can help you find a rental that fits your whole family in space and style. 

Most teens prefer a bit of privacy, so try to stay in a rental with plenty of separate sleeping spaces. This ensures they can stay up (or sleep in) late, and that your toddler has a noise-free room for afternoon naps. Bonus points if your teen’s room is on a different floor so they can imagine they’re staying in a solo spot. 

Of course, you’ll use your space for more than sleeping. If you want to keep everyone entertained, consider booking a rental like our Cabin Sweet Cabin, which comes complete with an indoor game room. Our Ski-In/Ski-Out Condos are another great choice for children because they often include amazing amenities like community pools, playgrounds, and playing courts (and even private jacuzzi tubs for some parental pampering).

Find Areas of Family Fun

If you don’t want to spend your entire trip running from place to place, you’ll want to plan activities that are fun for the whole family. Luckily, finding things to do that will thrill your toddler and your teen isn’t as hard as it seems in the Brian Head area. 

The key is to look for attractions that have activities for multiple ages. Places like Brian Head Resort have a wide range of ways to play that are fun for the whole family, from scenic chair rides to delight your tiny travelers to bungee trampolines and climbing walls that test and thrill your teens. 

You can also play in areas like Panguitch Lake, which has paddleboarding for teens, shallow swimming for toddlers, and even a day of fine fishing for Dad.

Navigate the National Parks

The nearby national parks are great options for groups of all ages. Hiking, horseback riding, and ATV rides offer exciting ways to explore the trails at varying speeds. Many of the most picturesque points are family-friendly and provide your teen with some Insta-worthy photo ops. You can even sign up for a ranger-led program that’s exciting and educational (but maybe don’t tell them that last part.)

Divide and Conquer

Let’s face it – there will be things on your teens to-do list that aren’t a great fit for your toddler (or vice-versa). If you’re traveling with a parental partner, divide and conquer should be a go-to strategy. While one of you takes the teen on an exciting canyoneering adventure, the other can tote the tot to Bristlecone Pond to explore the playground and enjoy an outdoor picnic. 

Ready for a trip that thrills your toddler and your teen? Book your stay with Family Time Vacation Rentals today!

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