Our Favorite Pizza Spots

Janine Brandt | 02.17.22

Nothing washes down a day of play like a slice of pizza. Crispy crust, melty cheese, fresh and flavorful toppings – it’s an iconic combination that even children crave. We’ve all got our favorite pizza place at home, but what about when you’re craving a slice on vacation? If you’re visiting Southern Utah, there are plenty of spots where perfect pizzas await! 

Here are a few of our favorites.



259 Village Way

Brian Head, UT

There’s no doubt about it – Pizzano’s is the best place for pizza in Brian Head. Their New York-style pies are made with high-quality ingredients layered thickly on top of fresh hand-tossed dough. The open kitchen design turns eating into a fun family experience – you can watch as their talented team whips up signature sauces, blends specialty cheeses and tosses your pie high into the air. Be sure to try one of their specialty pies – they pair perfectly with a tall pint of local craft brew! 


Brian Head Resort

If you’re spending the day on the slopes, you can stop by one of Brian Head Resort’s cafes to refuel with a fast and yummy pizza pie. Giant Steps Cafe (located on the second floor of Giant Steps Lodge) and Navajo Cafe (located on the main floor of Navajo Lodge) are casual and convenient dining options where you can grab a slice (or several, depending on how hard you’ve skied) of cheese, pepperoni, or Hawaiian pizza. 


C-Stop Pizza 

561 E Center Street

Panguitch, UT

Visit C Stop Pizza for the best pizza in Panguitch! This family-owned and operated parlor makes every slice from scratch, from their house-made sauces to the fresh and flavorful dough. They do a great job with the classics, but they also offer fun and funky flavors like Bacon Cheeseburger or Pork-y-Pine, a homemade marina sauce topped with Italian sausage, Smokey bacon tender ham, and fresh pineapple. 


Hot Mama’s Pizza & Brew

745 Movie Ranch Road

If you’re visiting Duck Creek Village, you’ve got to stop by Hot Mama’s for a pizza and a pint. Their scratch-made pies are baked to perfection in large stone ovens, giving them a tasty and authentic flavor that can’t be beat. They also have some great local brews on tap (for even greater prices) as well as seasonal shakes and fresh-made cocktails! 


Craving other delicious dishes? Download our FREE Southern Utah vacation guide for tips on the tastiest restaurants in Brian Head and the surrounding areas! 

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