The Best Bucket List Activities for a Memorable Brian Head Vacation

Janine Brandt | 03.30.22

Do you remember every vacation you ever took? Probably not. Some vacations, though enjoyable at the time, just aren’t that memorable. 


On the other hand, some vacations are truly unforgettable. There’s something about them that makes you revisit them again and again. It could be because they’re unique, or challenging, or rejuvenating. Often, it’s because you scratch something off your bucket list – and it’s just as good as you imagined.


If you’re looking for that kind of trip this year, you can bet you’ll find it in Brian Head, Utah. Just a stone’s throw from five iconic national parks, Brian Head offers the chance to experience some of the most amazing outdoor adventures in the world. We can guarantee any of these memorable bucket list activities will help you create a vacation you carry with you long after you leave.


Explore the Zion Narrows. If you enjoy hiking, The Narrows at Zion National Park has got to be on your bucket list. You’ll wade through the Virgin River as it winds through 10+ miles of thousand-foot sandstone cliffs, colorful rock formations, natural springs and gorgeous scenery. Be sure to bring the recommended gear, follow the guidelines and tread carefully – you don’t want an injury to mar this incredible experience! 


Hike Angel’s Landing. Try your hand at one of the most popular – and perilous – mountain hikes in the world. Angel’s Landing involves a strenuous climb along exposed cliff-faces and narrow switchbacks at dizzying heights. Some of the highest sections even require chain assistance as you scramble up a vertical ridge just a few feet wide. Your lungs will burn, your legs will ache, and your heart will race – especially when you see the stunning panoramic view that waits for you at the summit. 


Stargaze in Bryce Canyon National Park. You’ll always remember a trip that’s out of this world. Bryce Canyon’s high elevation and lack of light pollution deliver an incredible display of cosmic beauty. There are few places that offer a more magical view of the night sky, from thousands of twinkling stars to the glittering band of the Milky Way. On a clear night, you can see 2.2 million light years to the Andromeda Galaxy!


View Three States at Brian Head Peak. This is one hike that’s all about the destination, not the journey. That’s because an easy 0.20-mile trail is all it takes to reach Brian Head Peak, the highest point in Iron County. The summit offers a breathtaking view that stretches across three entire states, from the Highland Peaks of Nevada all the way to Arizona’s Navajo Mountain. Not many people can say they’ve seen three states at once! 


Catch a trophy-sized trout. There are few things more memorable than landing your own Moby Dick. Panguitch Lake is known for once-in-a-lifetime fish, with anglers frequently pulling double-digit trout from its clear waters. Even if you don’t catch a thing, spending a peaceful day in the lake’s gorgeous scenery is something you won’t soon forget.


Make It a Memorable Stay With Family Time Vacation Rentals


After a day full of magical memories, return to the comfort of your Family Time Vacation Rentals property to relax and recharge. We have a variety of premium vacation rentals right near the national parks so you can be close to your favorite bucket list activities. In a spacious cabin like Koda’s Panda House, you can bring nine of your closest friends and family to make it a memorable stay from start to finish! 

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