Why Brian Head is an All-Season Destination

Janine Brandt | 07.29.22

When is the best time to visit Brian Head, Utah?

We get this question a lot, and for good reason. As a traveler, it’s smart to plan your trip for when your must-see places are at their peak. Plus, some destinations are downright boring during certain times of year. 

But Brian Head is different. This versatile town in the heart of Southern Utah is a true all-season destination, offering plenty of fun and southwestern charm on every day of the year. That means you can stop in whenever it fits your schedule and still experience the best of Brian Head!

Still need some convincing? Read on to learn why the only bad time to visit Brian Head is never at all. 

Four Seasons of Beauty

Brian Head is a true four-season town, and each one brings its own special touch to the area. From snowy winters and sunny summers to blooming springs and bold autumn color, you’ll never see the same scenes from one season to the next. And that’s all part of the charm. 

Winter. If you enjoy playing in a winter wonderland, you’ll fit right in in Brian Head. As the highest resort town in the country, Brian Head receives piles of the freshest snow on Earth every year (sometimes surpassing 400” in a season). All of that perfect powder blankets the area in stunning winter beauty and creates some amazing ways to engage in winter play.

Spring. Spring in Brian Head is a unique blend of winter and summer. The mountains are still heavy with snow and morning temps are low, but the landscapes at lower elevations will see mild afternoons and meadows of blooming wildflowers. Wildlife is on the move, landscapes are lush, and crowds are low. 

Summer. In stark contrast to its winter snow, summers in Brian Head are hot, dry, and sunny. The diverse landscapes around town are aglow with vivid color and lively action, from rushing rivers and tree-lined lakes to the high desert’s stunning hoodoos and bright red rock. It’s the ideal time for outdoor adventure, and Brian Head offers some of the best outdoor recreation in the state. 

Fall. Fall weather is mild and slightly rainy, but the bold autumn scenery is where Brian Head truly shines. Fall foliage paints the forests in breathtaking hues of red, orange, and gold. Stunning sunsets set fire to red rock canyons and sandstone cliffs. If you enjoy sight-seeing, you’ve never seen anything like autumn in Brian Head. 

Four Seasons of Fun

Natural beauty isn’t the only thing that changes with the season in Brian Head. From winter sports to summer adventure and tons of fun in-between, you can enjoy amazing outdoor adventures every day of the year in Brian Head. 

Winter. Skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiles and more – Brian Head’s mountainous terrain offers tons of winter fun. You can explore the scenery on snowshoes, fly down the slopes at high-speed, take a charming sleigh ride, or sip hot cocoa by a roaring fire. But you’ve got to visit Brian Head Resort, a world-class ski destination that boasts 71 dynamic runs and the highest base elevation in the state.

Spring. Like its daily weather, spring offers a diverse blend of winter and summer fun. You can still shred the slopes at Brian Head Resort (and even test your skills with a session of night-skiing) and explore the snowy mountain scenes. But rising temperatures after lunch mean you can also spend spring days hiking, golfing, fishing and more.

Summer. Hiking, biking, rafting, rock climbing – summer is the season of endless outdoor adventure. You can explore the area’s many national parks and monuments, enjoy some summer stargazing, hook a trout in a local lake or zipline over vibrant summer scenes. Even Brian Head Resort has summer fun – visit the snow-free resort to try avalanche tubing, archery, scenic chairlift rides, bungee trampolines, and other forms of family fun. 

Fall. Fall is a fantastic time for scenic drives and sunset hikes. Take a turn on Utah’s Fall Color Loop to explore fall scenery in prime comfort (it passes right through Brian Head), or trek the trails of Dixie National Forest for a closer view of bright fall color. Enjoy some fine fall fishing, or paddle your way along a placid mountain lake. 

Four Seasons of Comfort

No matter when you visit, Family Time Vacation Rentals can set you up in the perfect Brian Head property. We have ski-in/ski-out condos to keep you just a few ski-lengths from the winter slopes; private homes near the national parks for an easy summer stay; a cozy forest cabin with stunning fall views; and many other comfortable and convenient rentals in and around Brian Head. So whenever you decide to take your next trip, start by booking with Family Time Vacation Rentals! 

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